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The ultimate companion to Apache2Triad

Extreme-4-Apache2Triad comes with over 50 sites and applications all preinstalled and configured to run on your system.

Optional add ons include a hosting account manager and a control panel to monitor many windows and apache services and utilities.

With the "aware" site menu, you can choose which applications you want to install in much the same way the comercial application CPanel allows.
If a site is already installed, you'll see a site link. If it hasn't been installed, you'll see a link to the installer.

Extreme makes the Apache2Triad bundle a true "turnkey" webserver.
In only minutes, you'll have all the "best of the best" sites and portals up and running, ready for visitors and content.

For hosting, There are scripts to create new user sites, auth files, htaccess, ftp accounts, mySQL accounts and databases.
There's also a script for checking user qoutas. Everything is well commented and you should have no problem changing any configuration values if they don't suit your application.

To see the current list of installed sites and applications, visit the Demo setup here http://wenpigsfly.org/demo
For support, please visit http://smileygenerator.us/forum

This package is updated frequently so don't forget to check back in month or 2!

*An all new ExtremeControl for Windows is coming Soon. Visit the forum for details.

Downloads: http://sourceforge.net/projects/at2-extreme

Current Sites Include:
  • anyinventory
  • arsc
  • blackjack
  • bytehoard
  • catalog
  • counter
  • cpg
  • CSLH
  • dune
  • egroupware
  • exoops
  • extreme
  • fred
  • FUD
  • GDtools
  • hail
  • ide_php
  • mahc
  • mambo
  • mrbs
  • netoffice
  • nola
  • onlydate
  • onlyrotate
  • onlyshout
  • onlytag
  • OpenAccounting
  • opensharepoint
  • OWL
  • pafiledb
  • phpBB
  • phpchess
  • phpcollab
  • phpform
  • phpnuke
  • phpSmilie
  • PostNuke
  • redirect
  • SBP
  • scheduler
  • school
  • securelock
  • shadowed
  • Showlister
  • shtoom
  • snippets
  • spaw
  • util
  • wapsite
  • webmanager
  • wordpress
  • xrms
  • zina
  • Image_Toolbox
  • button
  • imageword
  • jpgraph
  • panachart
  • phpaint
  • phpdraw
  • phplot
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